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Always, Mate

by L.N. Manning

Since the moment Jonathan Waine mated Ethan they had been through one hell and another. Things have finally settled down and he wanted to do something special for his Alpha Mate. He whisks him away for a few days to show him what it truly means to be cared for.


When his mate, Jonathan, tells him to shower and change his clothes, Ethan Gregory doesn’t know what to expect. When he is blindfolded and driven away from their home he started to worry. But he never would have guessed that his big bad wolf had such a romantic side.




Jonathan Waine was at his wits end. Valentine’s day was less than a week away and it would be his first with his mate Ethan. But with the way his plans were going, it would be their last. What plans, he thought to himself as he sat on the porch swing that morning drinking his coffee.

As he looked across his land, Jonathan thought about how much his life had changed since he first laid eyes on his beautiful mate. He had been a loner, content in his bachelor life. But all that changed when he went for a drink one fateful night.

Ethan was being attacked by three men, being beaten and threatened with rape. Not long after he had gotten Ethan home his cousins, whom he hadn’t seen in over a century, showed up at his door bloodied and on the verge of death.


You would think that the gods would have been satisfied with that but it seems they had different plans for him and his newly found mate. Jonathan had called a large group of his friends together to help his cousin, Lucas, have a fair fight against Jonathan’s father for the alpha position of his birth pack.

When the fight was over and he and his mate prepared to return home, a group of five men asked permission from Jonathan to follow him and Ethan and create the new Crescent Edge Pack. One of the men, Edward, was Ethan’s best friend. When they returned to Jonathan’s house they found out that Edward was the mate of Jonathan’s best friend, Bulldog.

He had known Bulldog for decades, trusted him, but his friend had kept some pretty incredible secrets from him. Jonathan snorted as he shook his head at the memory of his friend transforming into a caricature of what the humans think of were-creatures. That had been a hell of a shock.

And Jonathan wouldn’t change a thing. After all the trials and battles that they had endured, the one thing above all that made him proud was the way his scared timid little mate had come into his own. Ethan had become the perfect alpha mate. Strong, caring, nurturing and fierce.

Everyone had found out in a hurry that if Ethan considered you family, he would fight through the bowels of hell, slay any demon and protect you with his very life. The perfect alpha mate.

Just thinking of his little mate had Jonathan’s heart beating faster, swelling with a powerful love that he never thought he would experience.

The front door opened and Ethan stepped out carrying his own mug. He headed to the porch swing, taking a seat next to Jonathan. “Good morning,” he mumbled.

Jonathan chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Ethan’s shoulders. He knew that Ethan wasn’t very coherent until after his first cup of coffee. “Good morning, Sunshine,” he said as he tapped the end of his mate’s nose with his finger.

As they gently swung in the porch swing the peaceful silence of the pack land surrounding them was comforting. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves in the trees around them, birds waking to sing their own good mornings to each other.

Slowly the world was waking around them and it continued to amaze Jonathan. He had his home, his land, his mate and a pack. Everything had fallen into place.

Sounds of movement met Jonathan’s ears, signaling their quiet peace was not to last. He could tell Ethan hadn’t had enough coffee yet, so Jonathan stood and stretched. He would cook for his little mate and the pack this morning, and maybe he could enlist his pack to help with an idea for Valentine’s day.

Reviews:Sue Allen Milkovich on Amazon wrote:

This is Jonathan doing something special just for Ethan. How do you show your mate how much you love and appreciate everything he does. Well this short story will have you wishing Jonathan was your mate. This is a BEAUTIFUL getaway to show Ethan how much he is loved. It's just a lovely story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!!!

Sharon Edwards on Amazon wrote:

This is Jonathan doing something sweet and special just for Ethan. Jonathon is trying to work out how he can show Ethan just how much he means to him and how he appreciates having him by his side. Jonathon plans a beautiful amazing getaway for them it’s a sweet story of connecting to your mate and how to appreciate them. It's just a lovely story and a beautiful addition to the series. I recommend this book.

About the Author

Hi, my name is L. N. Manning.
I live in small town Texas, where we live our men hot and our steaks rare. I am a 39-year-old, disabled, proud momma to two annoying yet adorable fur-babies. A very proud Diet-Coke-aholic! I love to cook, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but I can’t bake worth a damn.