Alpha Academy

by A.Y. Venona

Alpha Academy - A.Y. Venona
Part of the Alpha Academy series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 218

Daniel Saga’s life is about to change forever. At age eighteen, the next full moon will bring his first shift into wolf form. Daniel comes from a long line of betas, and his fervent prayer is that he not disappoint his family. But in the world where there are several types of werekin, there is a likelihood that he may end up a gamma, an omicron, or his worst fear—an omega. He is certain that becoming an alpha is not an option for him. Or is it?

Delvin Kish is an instructor in Alpha Academy, the elite institution where all alpha werekin throughout the seven realms must attend for three years upon reaching adulthood. Although lonely since the death of his mate, he loves the life he’s built, guiding younger alphas in the skills and temperament needed to live out their alpha creed.

In this first book of The Omega Curse series, a surprising turn of events places Daniel under Delvin’s tutelage, and sparks fly as the young man strives to discover his true self. In the company of his childhood best friend and new werekin comrades in the academy, he faces adventure as well as danger in the form of alpha adversaries angered by his presence in their exclusive club, and even the threat of death at the hands of unknown outside forces.

61K+ words, mpreg theme

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About the Author

A.Y. Venona loves both science and literature. She is fascinated by all the myths and different cultural lores and seeks to deconstruct them by looking into their science and the possibility of them to be lost in the politics of translation--because she is a skeptic with imagination. She has a few theories in her head, but she can't write an equation, so she uses the only medium she knows--fiction.

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