Above the Fold

by BA Tortuga

Above the Fold - B.A. Tortuga
Part of the Midnight Rodeo series:
  • Above the Fold
Editions:ePub - first edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-942831-73-0
Pages: 84

Cowboy Kelly is Midnight Rodeo royalty. When his family sold the outfit to Darque and Knight, Kelly stayed on as security of sorts, using his skills as a warlock to keep the mundane world from colliding with the wild and wooly rodeo. None of his years of experience have prepared him for what happens when he meets Jon, though.

Rodeo reporter Jon keeps coming back to the Midnight Rodeo, even if he doesn’t know why. In fact, these days he can’t remember anything about his life. He just travels, following Darque and Knight across the country. When Kelly realizes that Jon has been on the receiving end of a bit of magical amnesia, he knows he has to do something. He thinks he’ll just help Jon move on, but that’s before he falls for the guy. How is Kelly supposed to help Jon get his memory back when all he wants is for Jon to stay with him forever?

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Jonathon Parker stood at the gate, his teeth in his mouth, just as quiet and as stunned as he could be. His heart slammed so hard he thought he would collapse in a heap.

He covered rodeos all over Wyoming and Colorado for LetsRodeo.com and Western Times—everything from the little bitty ranch rodeos to the Daddy of ‘em All—but he’d never seen anything like this.

The men that walked the stands glowed, while a huge bear walked about the arena, the clown makeup floating above the thick fur.

“Oh damn.” He swayed and almost lost his balance.

What in fresh hell was this?

He blinked, trying to make sure he wasn’t just really tired. Sometimes when he did that, his vision cleared.

Yeah, no.

That was a bear in clown makeup and…

His breath stopped short. A fire-breathing horse. A ghost. A ghost in a cowboy hat. A ghost in a cowboy hat riding the fire-breathing…


He was going to pass out. His ears rang, and he turned in a circle just in time to see a storybook vampire bare his teeth in a sick parody of a smile.

Oh, dear God.

“Are you okay, honey?” A woman with a faceful of scales of a bright shining gold and the longest teeth he’d ever seen smiled at him, staring into him with glowing eyes. “Oh. Oh, sweetie. You’re totally not okay. Erik? Erik, honey? We have a gasper!”

“Shee-it.” He heard a slow, southern drawl, and a very handsome man with eyes as black as night appeared in front of him. “Hi there. Can you come with me?”

“Don’t eat me.” Although the guy’s teeth looked pretty damn normal. “I have a press pass.”

“I don’t have the chops for that, honey.” The Erik man took his arm and his brain immediately quieted.

“Oh. Better.”

“Yeah. Yeah, come on. You look like you need some air.”

“I do. I— It’s so stuffy.”

“I understand. There’s a room where you can get your bearings.”

“Did you see…” No. No one saw the hallucinations he did and he’d learned as a small child never ever to talk about them to anyone but Aunt Belle. She saw them too. Of course, everyone called her crazy… Like, batshit crazy.

“I saw the rodeo setting up. Can I see your press pass?”

“Of course.” That was on the level. Totally. He’d heard the Darque and Knight show was coming to Cheyenne and he’d never seen this company before.

“Thanks, Jonathan. Very nice to meet you. I’m Erik. Here, have a seat in here and I’ll get you some water.”

“Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry. I’m not usually so…” Out of control.

“It can be overwhelming. All that animal scent.” Erik patted his arm. “Be right back.”

The door closed behind Erik and oh, he was so drowsy.

There was a heavy silence here, a warmth, a comfort, and he hummed softly, his eyelids growing heavy. So nice, just for a moment, to have the constant noise in his head fade. He could sleep here.



He sat bolt upright, jolting out of a deep sleep. A bottle of water was pressed into his hand. “Here you go.”

“Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s just fine. Would you like us to call you a cab or do you think you can drive?”



“I can drive. Sure. I can.” Jonathan stood up, confused, unsteady on his feet.

“Whoa.” The man caught him under the arm. He had a name… what was it? “Just breathe for a moment. You had a hard nap.”

“Did I?”

“Four hours.”

“What?” Wait. No way. No. Way.

“Right? Those deep naps always leave me fucked as all get out. Are you sure you don’t need a ride?”

“I have a rental car.” Where was it? He couldn’t remember.

“You’re in a hotel?”

“The Motel 6.”

“I can have someone take you. Someone can follow him to take him back, so that way you have your car.” This guy made plans so easily.


“It’s a good idea.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s a good idea.” A really good one. Right.

“Good deal.” The man pulled out a tiny phone and punched buttons. “He’ll be here in a moment. His name is Steve. Very safe. Very nice. You like him.”

“Is he an Uber driver?”

“Something like that.” The man patted his shoulder, the touch making him jump. “Just rest.”

“I can do that.”

Hell, he didn’t think he had a choice.


About the Author

Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy’s Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds and her beloved wife, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting and surfing Pinterest in the name of research. BA’s personal saviors include her wife, Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has heard the call of the  high desert and lives in the Sandias. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.

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