A Refuge Bay Christmas #1: Their Daughter’s First Christmas

by Susan Saxx

A Refuge Bay Christmas - Susan Saxx
Part of the Men of Refuge Bay Holiday Sub-series series:
  • A Refuge Bay Christmas #1: Their Daughter’s First Christmas
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99
Pages: 210

One Orphan. Two New Dads. And One Scary-ass holiday...coming up. 

When Nathan and Og fell in love, little did they realize their union would end up in an unexpected adoption: that of the six-year old runaway child they found at Hope House. Now her first Christmas is fast approaching, and everything is hard for the orphan who’s never had a real family. She’s still dealing with ghosts of the past, and she's trying to do it alone. How can Nathan, Og, and the whole gang at Hope House, show her everything Christmas can be, in a forever family? Most importantly, how can they make sure that the Refuge Bay community’s unparalleled Christmas magic will work its special miracle…on her?

Come and celebrate with all of Refuge Bay this holiday season!

*This book can be read as a standalone, though readers will enjoy the additional details provided by the main series.

* This holiday sub-series is part of the main Men of Refuge Bay series, beginning with Book 1: Nathan Unwrapped. Book 2: Zachary Undone, is slated for publication in early 2020.

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About the Author

Susan loves romance, and believes it’s a staple ingredient in life. She uses this to create sexy, heart-warming romances where friendship and passion--plus a certain amount of risk--all intertwine to create a love that is timeless.

Cheerfully addicted to homemade green smoothies (and the rewarding prospect of grossing out certain close friends who shall remain nameless), she also plays second fiddle to the feline masters in her life.

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