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A Monster’s Kindness

by Jessica Meats

A Monster's Kindness - Jessica Meats
Editions:Kindle: £ 0.99
ISBN: 9781527250604
ePub: £ 0.99
ISBN: 9781527250604

Long ago, the village of Shrind sacrificed people to the monsters in the forest. Now the howling has started again, and a village elder has chosen Parton to be the next sacrifice.

Left to die for having shared a kiss with the elder's son, Parton receives more compassion from the supposed monster than from those who had been his friends and neighbours. In the heart of the woods, learning to accept himself may be a harder lesson than learning to accept the monster.

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About the Author

Jessica Meats published her first novel, Child of the Hive, in 2009 and since then has written a selection of science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas. Some are light-hearted fun, like the ridiculously silly superhero parody The Adventures of Technicality Man, while others take a more serious tone, like Wolf Unleashed which explores themes of abuse, discrimination, and racism in a world where werewolves are fighting to be seen as people.

Working in the IT industry, Jessica uses her love of technology to inspire some of her creations, while letting her imagination run free with the rest. Alongside her works of fiction, she has also written some technical material, including a book on creating electronic forms for SharePoint.

As a bi-romantic, asexual author, she is keen to help drive the improve the representation of queer characters and to support other queer writers, especially in the SF&F space. This includes listing SF&F queer book recommendations on her website