A King to be Claimed

by Brea Alepoú

A King to Be Claimed - Brea Alepoú - Our King, Our Master
Part of the Our king our master series series:
  • A King to be Claimed

Blessed by the gods and goddesses, edoli have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. While some hold such abilities as shapeshifting and controlling the elements, the rarest are the kings and queens who can bond through blood with keepers and amplify their power… and their own.

Titos has been seen as useless and weak his entire life. He’s never been able to bond with another edoli and has nothing of value to offer his queen. Exiled and alone, he’s spent years living amongst humans and away from other edoli in the hope of avoiding execution.

When a stranger saves him from certain death, Titos’s life will never be the same.

Seth isn’t just some random stranger: he’s absolutely gorgeous and claims to have been drawn to Titos to serve him as his keeper. He assures Titos he is a king, and a powerful one at that. Never in his wildest dreams could Titos have imagined he was someone special.

But a king isn’t all Titos is…

After nearly killing Seth during their bonding, Titos is terrified of his abilities. Luckily, Seth isn’t the only keeper drawn to Titos’s call, and Mazki knows what to do to save Seth’s life.

The connection between Titos, Seth, and Mazki is immediate and strong, and it isn’t long before Adom and Kail are drawn to Titos as well. But now that Titos has accepted his birthright, they all know that it won’t be long before the edoli council comes for him.

Running from homicidal hunters and trying to stay hidden from the council, Titos knows he doesn’t have long to prepare. Sooner than he’d like, he’ll have to fight to defend what he and his keepers are building.

And his very life.

A King to Be Claimed contains a HFN ending, scenes with multiple partners, insta lust with a dash of insta love, mild blood play, and a king who just wants to be loved.

About the Author

Brea Alepoú realized her dream was to write and tell stories after spending five years in college getting a degree. She has since been writing and letting her imagination free. She thought she would only write contemporary at first but soon found her love for making worlds. So now she rights it all. With her wild imagination, expect lots of different stories, from fairies ruling, to vampires killing everyone, to the sweet loving between two men, passion between two fierce women, or the love of multiple partners. She believes that everyone deserves love even if not all of her characters get it right away. Love is passionate, hot, needy, confusing, painful, draining, fulfilling, and all-consuming.

(pnr, contemporary, fantasy, erotica, romance, shifter mpreg, & rh)

There will be a book for everyone.
Insanity is Contagious.
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