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A Family For Keeps (Stories Of Us Book 1)

by Rheland Richmond

A Family For Keeps - Rhelad Richmond
Part of the Stories Of Us series:

A Switched at Birth Romance 

Tristan was devastated when his sister died. His only consolation was her newborn daughter. He promised to take care of her like she was his own, but he’s broken that promise.

After growing up in foster care, Nathaniel's finally built the life he’s always wanted. Now one case of human error could tear it all apart.

An unthinkable mistake that could never be rectified. Two men. Absolute strangers until tragedy and unforeseen circumstances bind them together. They must now find a way to co-parent and make the best of a bad situation. With no shared history to help them and two little girls caught in the middle, they now have no choice but to make it work. What could possibly go wrong?

Can two men put their differences aside for the sake of their children? They both have difficult choices to make, or what they love most will be taken away.

Are there bonds stronger than blood?

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About the Author

For as long as I can remember I had my nose stuck in a book, getting lost in the world of someone else's creation (STILL DO). My love for writing came from my love for reading. I could never have one without the other. 
​Writing has always been a hobby and a cathartic experience for me. There are many stories lost to the never to be completed or published pile but needed to be written at the time.
Just a girl that loved stories so much she decided to write hers. 
I would love to hear from my readers and learn more about Y'all. So if you get a chance... Holla at me!