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A Dom and His Writer

A Club Whisper Novel

by Xenia Melzer

A Dom and His Writer - Xenia Melzer - Club Whisper
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 978-1635338263
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 200
Kindle - First Edition: $ 6.89
ISBN: B0764CRT71
Pages: 223

Life is perfect for Richard and Dean. Richard is a wealthy and successful businessman who also owns a BDSM club, and Dean is a bestselling author and sub to Richard. They’re young, happy, and in love. The future is bright….


Until tragedy strikes and an accident claims Dean’s beloved sister. Dean also finds himself the guardian of a three-month-old infant, and soon he’s trading in his leather fetish gear for diapers and drool bibs. But little Emily is all that remains of his family, so how can he abandon her?


It’s not what Richard signed up for. As much as he tries to be supportive, he never wanted kids and misses having his partner to himself. Suddenly the life he imagined for them is gone, and he’s not sure their relationship can survive the upheaval. But fate isn’t through with Dean, and when misfortune strikes again, will he be able to turn to the man he loves? A final crisis will determine if they can pull together as a family or they must face facts and part ways.


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“To five wonderful years with the best sub ever!” Richard Miller raised
his glass, filled with a truly excellent Merlot. He was in an exceptionally
good mood, and it showed in the way he beamed at his sub and lover of
five years. Dean smiled right back. He, too, was in the mood to celebrate,
although his enthusiasm was a bit hampered by the sting in the sensitive
flesh of his ass and the occasional shudder that ran through him whenever
the plug buried inside his hole hit his prostate.
Richard grinned knowingly. “Feeling troubled, boy?”
Dean knew better than to make a face or complain. He lowered his gaze
to the crisp white tablecloth in front of him and spoke as softly as possible.
“Yes, Master. I can feel your hand on my flesh every time I move.”
Richard patted Dean’s hand. “As it should be. You are mine, boy, and
don’t you ever forget that.”
Dean loved the possessive tone.


It turned him on even more than the
memory of the spanking he had received before they came to Mamma’s,
their favorite Italian restaurant. Of course, it hadn’t been just the spanking,
although Richard was a genius at pushing Dean until he thought he couldn’t
take it anymore. It was also the fact that he hadn’t been allowed to come,
not even when Richard had teased him with the brand-new plug now resting
between his asscheeks, or while Dean had given Richard a blow job. The
leather cock ring Richard had put on him as a finishing touch prevented
him from coming while keeping him painfully aroused—which was exactly
what Richard wanted. Dean shuddered and then moaned softly when the
movement caused the plug to nudge his prostate in a most delicious manner.
“It seems I have a very horny boy on my hands tonight.” Richard’s
tone suggested he wasn’t troubled by that.
Dean dared to look his Dom right in the face. “It’s your fault, Master.
You make me ache and need so much, I can hardly stand it.”
Richard reached over the table to caress Dean’s cheek. There was a
hint of steel in his voice. “Are you complaining, boy?”
Dean shook his head vehemently. “No, Master! I would never do that!
I know you always give me what I need. I trust you.”

“That’s my sweet boy. I have your best interest at heart, never doubt
that. And tonight is special, because it’s our anniversary. I want to push you
farther than I have in a long time.” An evil grin appeared on Richard’s lips.
“I’d advise you to enjoy your food. You’re going to need the sustenance.”
Again Dean felt his entire body tremble, but he cut off his moan
quickly when the server came with their appetizers. Mamma’s was a very
small restaurant with only ten tables, hidden on a side street close to their
own apartment on the Upper Eastside. The place was owned by an Italian
woman everybody just called Mamma.
In Dean’s opinion, she was the best cook in all the world. Since neither
he nor Richard were gifted in the kitchen, they often came here to eat or had
Mamma deliver meals to their place. Dean looked down on the bruschetta
the server had placed before him. The enticing scent of fresh, very ripe
tomatoes mixed with garlic, basil, a hint of marjoram, and a superb olive oil
on top of a roasted, homemade slice of bruschetta bread made his stomach
growl. He didn’t reach for his cutlery, though. He waited for his Dom to
give him permission to eat. While Dean inhaled the wonderful aroma and
listened to the clinking of Richard’s knife and fork, he wondered if this was
part of his torture today—not being allowed to enjoy the food. He quickly
regretted this treacherous thought when Richard offered him a piece of his
own bruschetta with his fingers. Dean opened his mouth and closed his eyes
to concentrate fully on the explosion of tastes on his tongue. There were the
tomatoes, the garlic, the bread, and, underneath it all, the salty temptation
of Richard’s fingers. Dean whirled his tongue around them, sucking lightly,
which drew a moan from his master. “Dean. Boy. So good.”
Dean licked his lips, slowly, carefully, knowing what that did to his
master. Richard was a very visual man, after all.
“Naughty boy. I should have spanked you harder.”
The words made Dean ache in all the right places.

Reviews:Debbie on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed this author and the writing style. This author had me intrigued from the get-go, and I had a hard time putting it down. I fell in love with the characters, the storyline and it had the perfect amount of hot sex. She had me in a kaleidoscope of emotions also. I felt joy and turned on at the beginning. Then, I felt sad and emotional with how unfair life can be. I felt anger and betrayed with characters reactions and behaviors. Then, of course, by the end, I was happy again. I got sucked into these characters and would voice my opinions at them like they could hear me. LOL

Richard is a very powerful and successful businessman that was a good Dom. He loved his life and couldn’t be happier being in love with his sub. He took pride in being able to help his sub through life and give him orders to help him through his day. He hated going out of town, but business called for that quite often. Whenever he had to go out of town, he had a to-do list for his sub and would make sure he followed it to a T.

Dean was a successful writer and didn’t need Richard’s money. What he needed from his Dom was guidance and punishments. He was so in love with Richard, and they were the perfect Dom/Sub couple. Others were often jealous or envious. Dean struggled through with anxiety after his parents kicked him out when they found out he was gay. His sister was always there for him and helped him through college and living with her. His anxiety always increased when he was left alone when Richard went out of town. Richard had the sure-fire strategy to help Dean through this latest business crisis that came up. What neither of them was expecting was that Dean’s sister would be killed and leave a three-month-old baby to Dean (that neither of them knew existed).

As you can imagine, this changes the dynamics of everything. Peyton is an amazing character that I just loved. He creates a perfect nursery. Aaron, Richard’s dad, is a good dad to both men. He is so excited about being a grandpa along with his dogs—Thor and Donar. They all three adore Emily. These are a few of the characters that will grab your heart in this story.

Can these two men raise a child? Do they want to raise Emily? Can they continue their Dom/Sub relationship with Emily around? Will their relationship make it through the trials and tribulations of being parents? Will love conquer? These are a few of the questions I was asking myself as I was reading this story. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Mel Bradley - Alpha Book Club on Amazon wrote:

This is the first time I’ve read Melzer, and it won’t be my last! We meet Richard and Dean, living a 24/7 D/s relationship and life being great. Things are going swimmingly for the past five years – they are both successful in their careers, they both want the same things out of their relationship, and they are happy. Until real life happens and Dean inherits his 3-month old niece.

This book is full of emotion and heat – which is always a great combination. When the baby joins Richard and Dean, things don’t go as planned… and frankly, that’s part of what makes this book so good. Usually, you see the “new baby – we love her!” theme, and then enter happy family from there on out. But in this book, there were real struggles about what a baby meant to their relationship – especially the D/s part of their connection.

Both men struggled in different ways – coming to terms with how their lives and relationship had to change – outside of their control. And you know how much that drives a super toppy Dom out of his mind! And with that, comes some serious feelings towards how Richard was acting and reacting – but at the end of the day, it was set in “real life” – and it was fun watching them work through everything over time.

This is a great read for anyone who likes some steamy BDSM scenes, seeing how D/s relationships change and grow over time, and who likes a love-wins story.

CinnaMMon on lovebytesreviews wrote:

What an unexpected story. Xenia Melzer is a new author for me but I can’t wait to read more by her. I fell in love with her amazing writing style and I can’t wait to read the next book in the Club Whisper series.

This story begins where most books end. We meet a well-established, loving couple who not only share a home and a passion for BDSM, they also live the D/s lifestyle 24/7, completing each other perfectly. The way we see them first shows how perfect their lives are together, how content, happy and satisfied they are with each other. That is when the unexpected happens and their well-coordinated lives explode in their faces. Getting a baby into their lives turn everything upside down, especially as Dean’s Dom does not want a child at all. That’s when all the conflicts begin.

I wanted to kill Richard many times, I was so angry with him about his selfish behavior. I am happy he has good friends who showed him his mistaken ways and he could pull his head out of his a** before doing more damage. After he changed his mind he became the amazing father he is supposed to be.

The conflicts are well written, very powerful and the portrayal of them all allows us to feel everything Richard and Dean go through along the way. We get both perspectives which help a great deal with understanding both our MCs. I was emotionally invested right from the beginning.

The baby angle and the parenting plot-line are both very well written showing lots of experience or thorough research.

The BDSM aspect is also very well done with hot scenes and an amazing bond between our MCs. The writing is vivid with all the best emotions and feels. This was a heartwarming and entertaining read with a bit of angst and hot chemistry. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Xenia Melzer is a mother of two who enjoys riding and running when she's not writing stories. She doesn't like beer but is easily tempted by a Virgin Mojito. Or chocolate. Truffles are especially cherished, even though she doesn't discriminate. As a true chocoholic, she welcomes any kind of cocoa-based delight.


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