A Book of Revelations

We all keep secrets. Even from ourselves. A Book of Revelations explores the tipping point—when the truth offers liberation and continued self-deception perpetuates the status quo.

-Private Quarters: A coming of age story. With cocktails.

-Curtain Call: A spurned "mistress" crashes a memorial for her ex-lover's wife.

-Götterdämmerung: The complex relationship between a maestro and his protégé.

-Convergence: An aging artist and would-be socialite hosts a disastrous dinner party.

-The Honoree: A local saint’s past unexpectedly threatens her future.

-Last Chance: A gay detective investigates a murder case where nothing is at it seems.

-The Midnight Suitor: A nephew unearths an old family secret--with a modern-day twist.

-Even In Death: Mourners who are strangers “bond” at a charlatan’s wake.

A Book of Revelations delivers on its promise. It will surprise, sadden, delight, shock, and most likely bring you to tears more than once.”   - GGR Reviews.

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Publisher: HomePort Press

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