Laci’s Lingerie

by Amber Skye

Laci's Lingerie - Amber Skye
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Pages: 52
When Jodi’s boyfriend breaks up with her at the end of her freshman year at college, she’s determined to stay busy while she’s away from school. The hot Alabama summer turns even hotter when she takes a job at Laci’s Lingerie. After being seduced by her sultry female boss, Jodi learns a few tricks of her own as she’s educated in ways she never dreamed.

I dressed in a cute, short-cut skirt, a V-neck tank top that showed some cleavage, and then stepped into a recently purchased pair of red pumps. I admired myself again in the mirror, and headed out into the mid-morning sunshine. I decided to start right away on summer-job hunting, figuring that staying busy would keep my mind off my recent troubles. I drove to a trendy outdoor shopping plaza on the east side of town and found a central parking spot. The beautifully landscaped shopping area hosted cafés, restaurants, high-end clothing stores, and a smattering of jewelry and specialty shops. I meandered along the walk, and stopped in front of a store with a sign reading Summer Positions Available - Inquire Within. The day was beginning to warm toward the upper eighties, and I was happy enough to pop into the store where the cool air kissed my entire body, causing my nipples to stiffen. A soft bell announced my presence as I stepped into Laci


s Lingerie. The lighting, soft music, and sexy displays beckoned me farther into the boutique. I initially saw no one in the store, but then suddenly I heard the clack of high heels from the back. A tall, glamorous woman—perhaps thirty—stepped from behind a display rack and greeted me. She was thin and elegant, with expensive-looking jewelry. Her wavy, long blonde hair cascaded around a lovely face and down her shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice her breasts right away, as they bulged from her low-cut, cream-colored dress. They were huge and perfectly shaped, but I couldn’t determine if they were the product of excellent genes or a high-priced surgeon. They were directly at my eye level, and I had to force myself to look up. The woman smiled warmly, displaying perfect white teeth.

“Welcome to Laci’s Lingerie,” she cooed in a sultry southern accent. “What can I show you today?”

I had to restrain a response telling her that she had already shown me plenty. Instead, I said, “I saw your sign in the window. I’m interested in applying for the summer position.”

“Are you home from college for the summer?” she asked.

“Oh, yes ma’am. I’m available until mid-August. About three months.”

“I’m Lydia,” she said, and held out a hand with long slender fingers and beautifully manicured nails.

“I’m Jodi,” I said.

“Well, Jodi,” she began. “Let’s step in the office and get an application for you to fill out. When are you available to start?”

“I can start today, ma’am, or whenever you say.”

She smiled and emitted a slight chuckle. I wondered if she was amused by me calling her ma’am, but I was insistent on being formal until she suggested otherwise.

I completed a one-page form and used my creative writing skills to explain why I would be perfect for the job. Lydia read over the application and seemed impressed. I was hired on the spot.

“Congratulations!” she said, and offered me her hand again. We shook and smiled at each other. “Call me Lydia,” she added.

“Okay, Lydia,” I said. “You won’t be disappointed!”

She purred that low, throaty chuckle again, and said, “Oh, I’m sure I won’t, Jodi.”

She gave me a long look up and down. I felt a little uncomfortable when she did this, especially when she ran her tongue over her upper lip. But I was so excited to have the position, that I dismissed her gaze.

Reviews:Mintie Price on Amazon wrote:

WHAT a debut! I had to take multiple breaks for fresh air and a few Hail Mary’s during this fun read. Amber Skye has a fabulous, filthy imagination and transforms this lesbian romp into something special with a great cast of babe-ly characters that love to have fun, driven by their own particular desires.

I loved following Jodi’s summer adventure and was excited each time a new character was introduced; this book was DEVOURED in a single morning by yours truly.

Search no more for a delicious lesbian treat! This work has everything, and is filled with surprises! I can’t wait to see what else Amber Skye will come up with next. Definitely an author to watch!

About the Author

Amber Skye is a lesbian erotica author residing in the Southeastern United States. Her titles include three novellas and seven novelettes, ranging from hardcore and raunchy to sweet and romantic.

Her favorite genres are thriller, mystery, literary fiction, and of course, erotica. When she isn't reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports, and practicing martial arts.

All of her titles are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Amber also loves to interact with her fans on Twitter. Please visit her @amber69skye!