Seaside Holidays

by Kim Katil

Seaside Holidays - Kim Katil
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

A collection of three short holiday stories that take place in seaside towns, because the beach makes everything better...

Season To Shimmer (Re-Release of a Dreamspinner Title)
One morning close to the holidays, Nolan wakes up to two surprises: a distress call from his younger brother and a beautiful man in his bed. Nolan, an art gallery owner, has always been discreet about his sexuality, but when his baby brother plans to come out at the annual family gala, Nolan wants to have his back—and that means showing up with a man of his own on his arm. Nolan knows just the man for the job.

Skylar, who owns a karate studio in St. Augustine, can’t get his one-night stand out of his mind. When he runs into Nolan at his gallery he is more than happy to volunteer his services as arm candy. Out-and-proud himself with his striking blue/green hair, Skylar is all in. Their adventure means a fancy salon, family drama, lots of sex, a ninja hippo, and palm trees lit up in a very suggestive way. By the end of it, what started as a hookup might become much more.

Rainbows in Sea Glass (Re-Release of a Dreamspinner Title)
Kyle has loved James, his best friend’s older brother, for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately, James is a player, and Kyle has no desire to be his latest conquest. When James suddenly turns the full weight of his charm on him, Kyle flees to Cape May Point to collect sea glass and Cape May diamonds to make a St. Nicholas Day present for his aunt.

James has always taken Kyle’s presence for granted and he’s shocked to find how integral Kyle is to his life and future happiness. Braving his families’ well-meaning attempts to help and a sudden winter storm, James heads to the shore to convince Kyle that the most precious thing they’ll find on the beach is each other.

Holiday Lights (Revised and Rewritten from a holiday short)
After a work crisis, Evan's well-meaning senior citizen neighbors try to set him up for a new career in adult films, but he's an artist first and foremost. A chance meeting leads to a night to remember, though sadly no video to satisfy his wannabe fans.

Axel has no desire for complications in his life. He has friends that are all the family he needs and a career that he loves. But Evan is a temptation that he doesn't want to walk away from. A little holiday magic is what's needed to get them to a lifetime rather than just one night.

About the Author

Kim Katil patrols the Universe with her dignity of dragons during the Harvest Moon. The rest of the time, Kim lives in the mythical and contentious territory known as Central Jersey. Originally from South Jersey, she is still unsure if Central Jersey is a real place or a Fae construct. Her movement from the lower to middle band of the state was interrupted by time spent living in Ireland, Boston, Uzbekistan, Maryland, Trinidad, and Florida.

A happily ever after is a necessity. Kim loves to give her characters a fun adventure to get them there and a plethora of family and friends to help them along the way.

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