Bended Knee

by Rodney Ross

Bended Knee - Rodney Ross
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Pages: 55

When restaurateur Hugh Neumann rebukes Oliver Nicholas’s very public proposal to his boyfriend during a Valentine’s Day dinner, the diverted Cupid’s arrow strikes Hugh not in the heart, but in the ass.
After a media storm of commentary, ironically pro and con, gains national steam, what Hugh begins to refer to as his personal “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” begins to affect home life with his partner, Dominick Brodie.
The unrelenting focus forces Hugh to question whether his overreaction was pandering to his largely heterosexual clientele, or if maybe, just maybe, the incident triggered his own panic about same-sex marriage and his decade-long commitment to Dom.
As they realize their definition of a relationship is no longer the same, fractures form—and the public scrutiny threatens to crack apart the life they’ve built together

About the Author

Author Rodney Ross lives, writes and sweats in South Florida.
'The Cool Part Of His Pillow', his debut novel, was the 1st Place Winner in the GLBT Fiction category from both the Indie Excellence Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Silver Medalist in the 2013 Global EBook Awards; and Honorable Mention in the 2012 Rainbow Book Awards.
Other works include 'Signing Off' in the short story collection' Impact', from Other World Ink; 'Otis,' a short fiction about a Christmas Eve where lessons are taught and learned; 'Bended Knee', a short, bittersweet contemplation of same-sex marriage; and a non-fiction contribution to the 'The Other Man: Twenty-One Top Writers Speak Candidly About Sex, Love, Infidelity, Heartbreak and Moving On'. A trio of essays from this book are being adapted into a play for 2016 by Bernard Rice. Rodney's work is one of the three.
Past achievements include an optioned screenplay and play, both currently unproduced. Other screenplays earned Honorable Mentions or runners-up citations in the Monterey County Film Commission, FADE-IN and the LGBT One-In-Ten Screenwriting Competitions. Ross was also cited as 'Most Creative' in the Key West Mystery Fest Writing Competition.
He is a producer of the upcoming documentary 'The Little Firemen'.
Follow him @rodtross on Twitter; access his website at

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