The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys of the Earth

by RR Pearl

In the Valleys of the Earth - R.R. Pearl
Part of the The Watchers series:
Editions:Kindle - first edition: $ 4.99
Pages: 290
Paperback - First Edition: $ 10.99
ISBN: 979-8647502384
Pages: 290
Audiobook (Abkhazian) - First Edition: $ 13.97 USD
Pages: 290

The only thing more dangerous than their their enemies!


Mild-mannered Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead and his best friend, Dr. Clemy Armistead, are certain that they have just found the ancient location of an apocryphal battle between demons and angels. Whisked away on a rollicking adventure, Alec finds himself under the watchful eye of Rafe, a taciturn mountain of a man with a mysterious past.


Working with the enigmatic Praesidium, which claims to have protected humanity for generations, Alec clashes with his ethereally handsome bodyguard. As the New Watchers pursue the rambunctious pair across the globe, Alec and Rafe will have to battle ancient terrors and mythical creatures come to life. Racing to the ancient tomb of a fallen angel, Alec and Rafe may lose it all - and each other - to save the world.   The Watchers:  In The Valleys Of The Earth is the first book in an MM Action Adventure paranormal romance series.

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Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight
Protagonist 1 Age: 26-35
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 3 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Age Difference, Alpha Character, Badass Hero, Big Character / Little Character, Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Forbidden Love, Friends to Lovers, Hero and the Great Quest, InstaLove / Love at First Sight, Mind Games, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Slow Burning Love, Tease and Denial, True Love, Wide-Eyed Innocence
Word Count: 63,960
Setting: World wide setting
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

About the Author

I reside in idyllic Newport, Rhode Island along with my two fur-babies.  Two incredibly precocious Chihuahuas bent on ruling the planet, and I believe they are getting close.  Oliver Winston and Victoria Alexandrina know they at least rule me.  They seem to spend their day causing trouble and making my life just a little more exciting than it already is.  I have begun to write LGBTQ+ romance, action/adventure.  As well as a smattering of paranormal romance thrown in for good measure.  I have just begun my official writing career, although I have been writing plays and scripts since I was in grammar school.  So, come along for the ride!  I promise some thrills, chills, lots of laughter and, fun, and some utterly amazing original characters.

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