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30 Minutes or Less

by Daniel Elijah Sanderfer

Can thirty minutes change your life? Maybe it can, or maybe it can't. Either way, if you had the chance to sit down with someone you thought hated you, do you think you could find common ground?

Charlie and Aiden have known each other since the third grade, but both boys have very different memories of the moments they shared. While Aiden remembers love taps, Charlie remembers a bully who made his life even more miserable than it was and still does to this day.

So why does Aiden pick on Charlie if he actually likes him? Maybe he just doesn't know any other way to show Charlie how he feels. Unfortunately, every action has a consequence and he's about to lose the best thing that's ever happened to him if Aiden doesn't change his ways.

Join best selling author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for this short, sweet, enemies to lovers story about two rival boys who find they may have something in common after all.


About the Author

Daniel Elijah Sanderfer is a retired Hospitality Manager who currently resides in Southern Indiana with his husband William. Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia, he moved to Indiana to be closer to his then fiance. They have been married for two years and together for fifteen total years. He was always interested in writing even from a young age and was featured in a few poetry collections as a teen. When he is not writing he is caretaker, as his husband is disabled and requires full-time care. He enjoys going to antique stores and in the summer weekend long yard sales. He currently writes LGBT fiction with a positive direction as he feels too many love stories experience tragedy. He likes to highlight the stories that survived. The couples who fought to stay together and the families that do accept them.