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Word Count: 26000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Aaron has spent the past ten months alone. When he meets a sad, yet strangely familiar man on a cold Halloween night, he impulsively invites him home. But the intimate connection they share lasts only until morning. Aaron wakes up alone—wracked with guilt and devastated to have lost his chance. Or so he thinks. Thanksgiving brings Aaron another shot at happiness, but letting go of an old love and accepting a new one isn’t as easy as everyone keeps telling him. And by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, it becomes clear that Aaron’s not the only one struggling to let himself love again. Christmas miracles are all well and good, but it’s going to take more than the Holiday Spirit for Aaron to get his happy ever after. A story of grief, sadness, and letting it go; and finding love when you least expect it.

'Tis the Season - Alex Jane
'Tis the Season

Alex Jane ...

Pairing: M-M

October 20, 2016

Word Count: 145000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: A story of healing and confronting demons… Detective Aidan Calloway is rock-solid strong. He's a man of justice—loyal to his friends, family, and job—even if it requires bending a law…or two. He shields himself behind an abrasive, fearless facade, until a phone call one night chips his armor and throws his perfectly planned, hollow life into a tailspin. Jessie Vega is the epitome of optimism. His carefully crafted attitude of hope and positivity protects him from a past filled with too much pain. When a ghost from a dark time resurfaces and nearly breaks him, he must tap into his inner strength or risk losing everything he's worked so hard to build. But Jessie can't do it alone. He must fight to break through Aidan's ironclad defenses to reveal the heart of the man hiding beneath the tough surface and mend his damaged spirit. Only then can they truly heal and become strong enough to battle the demons that haunt them and threaten their chance to finally be together. ---------- ***This book contains scenes and subject matter some readers may find distressing. It is only intended for adult readers.*** Word count: 145K Although part of a series and events from prior stories are referenced, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

A Mended Man - Jaime Reese - Men of Halfway House
A Mended Man

Jaime Reese ...

Pairing: M-M

April 28, 2016

Word Count: 22150

Character Identities: Gay


Abs Lust Bare Rejection: MM Desire #204

NAKED, COLD, NUMB - WANDERING, STUMBLING, LOST, ALL ALONE! HELP ME TY!!! How long before Garrett dies of exposure and hypothermia? Ty's parents reveal insights he never suspected. Is Garrett and Ty's secret at risk? Hank, Garrett's father, cites Garrett's sexual orientation as reason to throw him out of the house. Garrett struggles to survive nude in frigid weather. Where is Ty when Garrett desperately needs him? By not dealing with Hank decisively, Ty makes a costly error destined to haunt the boys for a lifetime. So Ty must put everything on the line to save Garrett and a handsome nurse from Hank's wrath. But in whose bed will Ty sleep? Will Ty's love be lost forever? *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Bare Rejection - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Bare Rejection

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

September 1, 2020

Word Count: 23200

Character Identities: Gay



NO TAN LINES BEACH!!! Adjust your shorts over and over as Ty and Garrett take you on a sun worshiping beach romp. A community college gift sends the boys on a week long vacation to a very nice hotel on Clearwater Beach, FL. Find out what shenanigans two super hot sexy boys can get into on a clothing optional part of the beach during their first unsupervised trip away from home. Garrett and Ty explore a late night nude beach party only to find themselves with no clothes to wear. Then how do they get past security cameras to get back into their hotel room? For these two, love is in the air, in the sand, in the surf, in the shower, in their bed, and on their balcony. Tantalizing scenery and sizzling hot play things will keep you turning the pages… *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 19 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Beach Romp - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Beach Romp

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M, 4+ or Other

November 15, 2020

Word Count: 13,750

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: RIPPED ABS AND HOT SEX, THE BEST DEFENSE AGAINST GAY BASHING! "The descriptions, the scenes, the mood... I lost count of the many times I got excited, aroused and wanted to be there with Ty and Garret." Kyler B. Warhol, book reviewer and blogger. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! HOT CHAPTER PHOTOS of seductive gay college guys set the scene for each chapter in this book engaging book! The paths of two incredibly hot college freshman cross when gay bashing ensues out of an incredibly embarrassing locker room moment. Now Ty finds himself torn between his lustful desires for, Gio, his handsome life long friend whom he frequently imagines as his naked gay play toy and, Garrett, the gorgeous guy laying nude in the bed next to him. Which path is more tangled, his gay friend who is already involved with someone else or the naked straight guy who might out him? Are the cruel tortures of fate to blame for putting him next to this stunning man whom he can't touch or was it just his subconscious erotic lust for another man's sexy abs? Will the stress of homophobic gay bashing and a simple act of human compassion lead to a sharing of closely held personal perspectives, secrets, and carnal desires? Should either young man allow himself to be that vulnerable? If you enjoy this arousing escapade, get the 8 book set, Abs Lust: MM Desire Series, All 8 Books, for 30% off of the individual book prices. *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Embarrassment - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Embarrassment

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

July 17, 2020

Word Count: 19400

Character Identities: Gay



HOT BOYS, SUPER HOT BODIES, ULTRA HOT NAKED ESCAPADES Two hot guys together after a college formal (Prom) cannot wait to get into each other's pants, but when will Ty and Garrett find themselves truly alone? Who is to say a bit of public exhibition or two won't provide enough fun to tide them over? In the back row of a late night movie, what can happen is limited only by the imagination. Oooh, the cinema usher is really hot too! I wonder what antics they can talk him into before he kicks them out. And how late will the hotel hot tub be open? These are all very important concerns on the night after a formal dance. Stay on the edge of your seat! Don't worry about missing the movie, but try not to make a mess! *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 19 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Exposed - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Exposed

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

October 15, 2020

Word Count: 19,100

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: EVERYTHING IS MORE FUN NAKED! ESPECIALLY HOMEWORK! - You never know what might be considered HOMEWORK. Sign up for the most erotic tutoring sessions ever! Who could be motivated to study if your dad perpetually told you that you are too dimwitted to succeed? In spite of Garrett's brilliance, he genuinely believes he is stupid. Who could be motivated to succeed in school when each day is a gauntlet of homophobic hazing by the school bully and your ex girlfriend? Garrett just wants to curl up and disappear. Consequently, Garrett is doing poorly in his community college classes and failing in Algebra. Desperately afraid his poor grades will bench him from the basketball team, Garrett still shows no interest in Ty's offer to tutor him. Garrett knows he is a lost cause and tutoring will just be frustrating and painful. No Thanks!!! However, Ty believes the best homework motivator is your boyfriend's anatomy. Can Ty's use Strip Algebra and Algebra For Sex to tease out excellence? You want this book in your library. Someday, you just might need Ty's lustful manipulations. *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Homework - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Homework

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

August 1, 2020

Word Count: 27200

Character Identities: Gay



…Here we were three weeks later.  Garrett and I were checking out the island as our plane dropped toward a private airstrip at the end of an island in the Caribbean. As we disembarked from the jet, a driver greeted us and prepared to take us to our accommodations. “Welcome, gentlemen.  I’m Casey.  I will escort you to the estate and serve as your butler while you are visiting us.” “Great, I’m Ty.” “And I’m Garrett.  Nice to meet you, Casey.”  “I only saw one building on the island when we were landing.  Are there others?  How many people live here?” I asked. “There is only one home on the island.  There are several other security buildings and maintenance buildings, but we have them very well camouflaged.  The owner and his husband live in the home part-time.  They are in Europe right now.  The security force is here full time.  We protect his island extremely well,” the driver explained.   Holy shit! The house was only one story, but it was massive.  When dad described the place as sprawling, he very much understated the reality of the place.  The rooms were enormous, and the house seemed to stretch on forever. There was a sea of marble everywhere, including on the floors of the master bedroom.  The house extended out onto a point of the island.  One step below the floor level, an integrated assembly of patios, decks, and gardens surrounded the house on three sides.  A multitude of chairs, chase lounges, tables, and hammocks were available for our leisure. A long serpentine swimming pool about 20 feet wide with an infinity outer border surrounded the decks, patios, and gardens.  The water level was but four inches below the level of the patios.  Water from the pool spilled over the infinity wall at various points, creating waterfalls as it dropped some 30 feet into a second pool surrounding the three sides of the estate.  The lower pool was at least twice as wide as the upper pool.  This was the largest privately owned pool complex I had ever seen. When I saw the smooth 30 foot shear wall with a finely textured surface, I wondered if in fact it might serve a secondary role as a security feature. Hmm, no way to free climb that wall with no lips or edges on the infinity pool for a grappling hook to lodge on.  And the finely textured surface would prevent the use of suction cups to climb it.  This has to be a security feature. Palm trees highlighted the house, the pool, and the beach in various locations.  The lavish landscaping created a perfect ambiance for the stunning master bedroom.  Besides the largest bed I had ever seen in the largest bedroom I had ever seen, it was on the terminal end of the house facing the end of the point toward the West.  We enjoyed breathtaking sunsets every evening.  The architect of the place had definitely planned it well. Floor to ceiling windows formed three of the walls of the master bedroom, providing a gorgeous panoramic view.  Pushing one button caused all the glass walls to disappear, allowing a comfortable light breeze to waft through the room.  We were inside, but it felt like we were going to be sleeping right on the beach.  We could hear the endless crashing of waves on the shore below us. Casey, our driver, put our luggage in the closet of the master bedroom while we walked to the dinning room for dinner.  Since we found no one there, we went into the kitchen where the chef immediately garnered our attention.  He was stunningly handsome, sported a lithe physique, and was only about 25 years old.  His attire of a chef’s apron and nothing else definitely shocked our expectations.  The truly gorgeous bare ass of a man who actively engaged in fitness training shined through the back of his apron. When he turned and saw the rather stunned look on our faces, he said, “Hi guys, I’m Jordy, your chef.  We heard you guys like to spend a lot of time relaxing au naturel.  Casey and I are kinda fond of a free lifestyle as well.  We figured if we relaxed our clothing standards, you would feel much more comfortable about skittering around here in the buff as well.  You are the only guests on the island for the duration of your stay, so dress up, dress down, or undress as you see fit.  We are here to serve your needs in any way we can.  No matter what you might need, just call on us anytime.” Is he suggesting what I think he is suggesting? “Thank you,” I said to Jordy just as Casey came strolling in wearing nothing but a butler’s apron.  Garrett and I immediately looked at each other, and our eyebrows bounced in a silent communication between us.  Clearly, we were thinking the same thing.  The next two weeks were going to be our chance to recreate our three days of nudity when we first met. After we finished a wonderful dinner, we went to our bedroom and removed all of our clothes.  As we strolled naked through various rooms of the house to explore our accommodations, the warm glow of the sun falling rapidly toward the horizon suddenly caught my eye.  The amber rays reflected beautifully off of the highly polished marble floor in the great room.  Suddenly, I couldn’t resist the urge to lie down on my back in the middle of that picturesque scene and pull Garrett down on top of me. He had his legs folded up at my sides and his chest resting against mine.  I held his sexy toes in my hands as we kissed lovingly.  In no time, my throbbing…

Ab Lust Player - Ty Debauchee
Abs Lust Player

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

December 15, 2020

Word Count: 19,400

Character Identities: Gay


ABS LUST PROM: MM Desire #205

PLAY NAKED! MAYBE YOU’LL GET CAUGHT! Prom night essentials for great sex include super HOT boyfriends with great abs, great tushies, sexy feet, stunning smiles, and tantalizingly erotic tux attire. Ty desperately wants to take Garrett to the prom as his date, but neither wants to be out to classmates. This year's prom needs to be special, so Garrett manipulates this event in their favor. Special T-shirts with favorite sayings enhance the mood. Find yourself on the edge of you seat doing your best to ease your desires as Garrett allows Ty to relive what now seems like a wet dream premonition from a past… *This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Prom - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Prom

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

September 15, 2020

Word Count: 20,750

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: SEXY COLLEGE BOYS PLAYING NAKED IN A WINTERY HOT TUB? HMM! YUM!!! SO HOT IT WILL MAKE YOUR CARROT GROW TOO! - Although acquainted for several years, Ty and Garrett only recently came to know each other. Why had Ty never realized how adorable Garrett is? Now Ty can't take his eyes off of him. Everyone knows blizzards are great for snowmen and sex! Garrett loves the snow and becomes truly giddy when the first flakes fly. The biggest blizzard of their lives traps Garrett and Ty alone at Garrett's house. Garrett hopes the storm will provide a perfect opportunity for Ty to help him explore his gay urges, as well as learn a few tricks. Garrett's big questions are whether he is straight, bi, or gay and once he knows, will he tell the world or keep it to himself? Will Ty satisfy Garrett's erotic urning? "This book made me smile several times, but it is also highly arousing and provocative. Who knew a snowstorm could be this hot? Abs Lust Snowmen Play Naked gave me many good times, if you know what I mean." Kyler B. Warhol, book reviewer and blogger. *Explicit scenes portray gay sexual situations by consenting characters who are over 18 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

Abs Lust Snowmen Play Naked - Ty Debauchee - MM Desire
Abs Lust Snowmen Play Naked

Ty Debauchee ...

Pairing: M-M

July 17, 2020

Word Count: 7000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Genderfluid, Transgender

Summary: A gender-fluid prince finds an unexpected ally in an arranged marriage with a transgender man. Prince Darian is willing to give up his penchant for gowns when he must wed for the sake of the kingdom. However, his intended bride has a secret of their own. A marriage of convenience may bring something neither expected—acceptance, and all that entails.

All That Entails - E.M. Hamill
All That Entails

E.M. Hamill ...

Pairing: M-NB

December 24, 2019

Word Count: 90000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay


Dominic Blake spent his teen years being a punching bag for the school's leading athlete, Tristan Jones. That was years ago. He shut down his heart. Never letting anyone in. Only trauma and pain awaited anyone who made it past his icy exterior. With his wit and talent for electronics he rose through society to become a respected inventor. He hadn't heard or thought about his teenage tormentor since he graduated. - Tristan Jones had always been a top performer in any sport he attempted. It didn't matter what it was. If it used muscles, he excelled at it. Home life for him wasn't all peaches and cream, though. He threw himself into sports in order to spend as little time as possible at home. Being around so many who expected him to be manly meant doing what they thought he should. Even if it meant giving the school nerd the beating of a lifetime. When his teammates took it too far, Tristan left and never turned back. - What happens when Tristan falls right into Dominic’s world in the most unexpected way?

All Things to Ashes - Titania Thorne
All Things to Ashes

Titania Thorne ...

Pairing: M-M

January 6, 2022

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: It is 1969 when Dewey Snodgress, high school theater star, meets irrepressible hippie Jeep Brickthorn, who quickly inserts himself into Dewey’s life—and eventually, into his heart. Meanwhile, Dewey prepares to appear in a production across town, a play about protestors of the Vietnam War, where he befriends the wild and wonderful Lucretia “LuLu” Belton, who is also determined to follow her dreams and become an actress—whether her parents approve or not. The show has a profound effect, especially on Dewey’s father, who reconsiders his approval of the war after his son’s performance. But Dewey knows his dad won’t be so accepting if he reveals the love he’s developing for Jeep, so he fights to push his feelings away and keep the peace in his family. Still, Dewey can’t ignore the ripples moving through society—from the impending Woodstock Festival to the Stonewall Riots—and he begins to see that the road to happiness and acceptance for him and Jeep might lead them away from conservative Fort Worth, Texas—and Dewey’s dad.

All You Need Is Love - Russell J. Sanders
All You Need Is Love

Russell J. Sanders ...

Pairing: M-M

March 21, 2017

Word Count: 61000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Young mechanic Andrew Campbell’s life couldn’t be better. He is about to restore a Ford Mustang with his dad before heading off on the ultimate cross-country road trip with his best friend, Tanner McKenzie. But tragedy strikes, and Andrew’s life is shattered. Worried his family will be torn apart if he doesn’t step in, Andrew makes a tough choice between following his heart and doing what he needs to do to protect his little brother. When Andrew pushes Tanner away, Tanner heads off on the planned trip alone. Once Tanner leaves town, his life takes a different path and it’s ten years before he returns. Now a firefighter, he’s never forgotten his first love, and no one has ever taken Andrew’s place in his heart. He’s determined to see if Andrew feels the same way. He just hopes Andrew’s excited to see him, hopes that he’s available—and finally out—after all this time. They might not have been ready to deal with emerging feelings years ago, but now might be the time for their second chance at love.

Andrew's Promise - Nic Starr - Heroes Series
Andrew's Promise

Nic Starr ...

Pairing: M-M

August 12, 2015

Word Count: 62,000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Tal finally had it all…until the man he loved abandoned him. Once, Tal Oryan was an elite warrior, fighting for the kingdom at the side of the powerful general who loved him. Then Tal loses everything in a haze of pain and betrayal after his hand is severed in battle. Now labeled a “cripple” and cast out from the warrior life he’s known for so long, he has no choice but to return to his past, a place of horror and guilt. He can no longer stay in the capital after High General Ramidine Swal, the man who once claimed him, never shows up after Tal is wounded. Worst of all, the priceless sword Ramidine once gifted to Tal is gone. Now Tal struggles to find a new purpose as the traumatic events in his past demand the most brutal of sacrifices… Ramidine Swal is known as The Golden General, feared, revered, and the right-hand man to the prince. But when he returns from a desperate victory to Tal, the wounded warrior he was forced to leave behind, he discovers that Tal has fled the capital. Ramidine soon learns of a twisted cover-up and a betrayal so dark it threatens not only the future peace but the very man he loves. Ramidine is not a man to be stolen from, and certainly not someone so precious as Tal. He is determined to find Tal and set things right, no matter the distance and no matter the cost. Tal will be his again.

Atone - J.C. Owens

J. C. Owens ...

Pairing: M-M

June 10, 2022

Word Count: 72579

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Non Binary


A Dark Steamy Superhero Yaoi Romance


❤️former super-powered hotties returning to action!


❤️ second chance at love for a Hero and a Villain 


❤️ amazing secondary cast with their own love stories



BOOK 7 - Series Finale - COMING IN APRIL 2021!

Several years past 50, Matt thought that his days as a Villain in the staged Chosen fights were long over.

But then his powers returned in the wake of a devastating attack that took the powers of all the active Chosen, perpetrated by a young Hero.

With no other choice, Matt goes to the one man who might understand what is happening to him - Colton. The man who was Matt's main rival back in the days of his fighting career. A man Matt hasn't seen since the day he burned out and walked away from the fights.

That would be complicated enough. But back then, they were also secret lovers. Matt walked away from that as well without a goodbye.

Now after nearly twenty five years, these two men are coming face to face for the first time. Can they handle their personal issues while trying to save the world from a Hero gone bad?

Trigger warnings for dub/noncon, super tragic backstories, explicit on page sex, angsty gay dudes, and cliffhangers.

Back Issues - Dani Hermt & Curtis Star - Burn Outs
Back Issues

Dani Hermit ...

Pairing: M-M

March 6, 2020

Word Count: 90,000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Elijah Masters hasn’t been the same since his dad died in an electrical fire. He sleepwalked through senior year to graduation, but away at college, he had nowhere to hide. Partying and skipping classes, he got sent home on suspension. Having to go back to live with his mom is bad enough, but while Elijah was away, his mom moved in her much younger boyfriend, Justin, who’s a fitness god with questionable adulting skills. They’re talking about getting married. The only bright spot in Elijah’s day is flirting with Mike, a kid he barely spoke to in high school, who hunkers down to study at the coffee shop where Elijah works. But while Elijah tries to find his normal again, Justin tries to reel Elijah in, and he’s a lot more dangerous than his chill bro exterior.

Bad Stepfather - Romeo Preminger - A Guilty Pleasures
Bad Stepfather

Romeo Preminger ...

Pairing: M-M

December 1, 2020

Word Count: 93000

Character Identities: Genderfluid, Lesbian, Non Binary, Pansexual

Summary: When a change in collective conscious sends the Outsiders, a group of aliens, to the shadows below the city, humans reason that the demonization of their peers is simply more “humane.” There’s no question, nor doubt. Just acceptance. Lydia had embraced that sense of “truth” for as long as she can remember. The daughter of a powerful governor, she has been able to live her life with more comforts than most. Comforts can be suffocating, though, and when the opportunity to teach Outsider children in their private, “humane” community becomes available, she takes it. What she finds beneath the city is far from the truth she had grown to know. There she meets Alessia, an Outsider with the knowledge and will to shake the foundation of all those who walk above ground. The two find a new and unexpected connection despite a complete disconnect from the technological world. Or perhaps in spite of it. Still, it takes a lot more than an immutable connection to change the world. Lydia, Alessia, and a small group of Outsiders must navigate a system of corruption, falsehoods, and twists none of them ever saw coming, all while holding on to the hope to come out alive in the end. But it’s a risk worth taking, and a future worth fighting for.

Beneath the Surface - Rebecca Langham
Beneath the Surface

Rebecca Langham ...

Pairing: F-F, M-F, M-M

January 19, 2018

Word Count: 99.927

Character Identities: Gay, Straight

Summary: It’s a fine line with power, it can be positive or it can be negative, depending on the person wielding it. Paden had been thrown off his planet of Eiravia, given the name of Darius, and left to forget his race and his family. Years have passed since then and he has made his way back to Eiravia and the man he loves. With Finnal’s help, and that of his growing clan, he will make Eiravians feel pride again. His growing power is becoming known throughout the universe and he is slowly being talked about in hush tones as the Jewel, a shining star who can create wonders from changing a race to fixing a planet. Nothing much is known about him from the outside world, only the rare few that have the opportunity to understand his fears, hopes, and loves truly understand. Throughout the story, one man’s journey is interwoven into Darius’s. Vega is a cornerstone to the clan. He is a man who helps him work out issues and chase the shadows away. He helps him become something that is talked about in tales by firesides.

Beyond the Norm - Jess Thomas
Beyond the Norm

Jess Thomas ...

Pairing: M-M

April 19, 2017

Word Count: 11500

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: When two lives entwine, death becomes abhorrent. Hail Patrascu, an ancestor of Transylvania’s Draculesti family line, wields unique powers as the world’s oldest living vampire. Searching for death, he becomes something phenomenal after drinking venom infused blood. Not only does he possess vampiric powers, he’s been imbued with those of an even older creature—a serpentine. A snake, heretofore unable to change form, is animated with Hail’s vampire blood and now the monster seeks life of its own! McCall Stephens had one drink; not nearly enough to imagine what he witnesses after being accosted in an alley. A beast so fiendish, it took the life of a man right before Call’s eyes. Now it stalks him. He haunts Call with eroticism, each encounter tugging him closer to a dark abyss with impossible promises. Giving in, he may lose everything—including his life! Or will Call’s wildest dreams come true? Take his blood—lose your life! A standalone short paranormal MM romance with coarse language, masturbation, explicit sex, abuse flashback, and a little bloody horror. But there’s an HEA and no cliffhanger!

Bloodied Venom - J. Hali Steele
Bloodied Venom

J. Hali Steele ...

Pairing: M-M

April 1, 2019

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