REVIEW: Escaping Camp Rooosevelt, By Bryan T. Clarke

Escaping Camp Roosevelt - Bryan T. Clark

Title: Escaping Camp RooseveltAuthor: Bryan T. ClarkGenre:GENRE LGBTQ+ Category: New Adult, GayPublisher: Cornbread PublishingPages:252Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book “He’s a bad boy–cocky and damaged. So, why can’t I stop thinking about him?” Broken DreamsSociable and unselfish, eighteen-year-old Tucker Graves loves two things–his darling little sister and the thrill of playing baseball. … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Innocence and Carnality, by J. Alan Veerkamp

Innocence and Carnality blog tour - J. Alan Veerkamp

J. Alan Veerkamp has a new MM steampunk book out: Innocence & Carnality. Innocence is his only currency. The gilded cage of propriety where Nathan grew up as a member of the Deilian aristocracy became a true prison when, at fifteen, his homosexuality came to light and created a terrible scandal. His parents see only … Read more

REVIEW: Absolution, By J.V. Speyer

Absolution - J.V. Speyer - Hunter

Title: AbsolutionSeries: Hunter Book TwoAuthor: J.V. SpeyerGenre: Romantic suspense, paranormal suspense, romanceLGBTQ+ Category: GayPublisher: SelfPages: 395Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book The would-be highwayman killer’s case is closed, and Luis has been cleared to return to work. He and Donovan are starting their new life together, and while they’re both a little … Read more

REVIEW: Alive, By Sean Kerr

Alive - Sean Kerr

Title:AliveSeries:Dark UniverseAuthor: Sean KerrGenre:HorrorLGBTQ+ Category:GayPublisher:SGK Publications Pages:214Reviewer: Maryann Get it On Amazon US | Amazon Universal Link About the Book James has seen some big changes in his life of late. First, he was dealing with a debilitating illness, the consequence of which would leave him scarred for life. Then he split up from his girlfriend, who also … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Once Upon a Wolf, by Hurri Cosmo

Once Upon A Wolf - Hurri Cosmo

Hurri Cosmo has a new MM paranormal shifter tale out: Once Upon a Wolf. Hawk is alone, hiding from the world, living in a tiny, rickety cabin his grandfather built. He has few supplies and fewer yet of the skills needed to survive on his own, but because of what he did, because of what … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Seer Of Ice And Sky, By Natsuya Uesugi

The Seer of Ice and Sky - Natsuya Uesugi

Natsuya Uesugi has a new queer dark fantasy book out in his “The Seer of Grace and Fire” series: The Seer of Ice and Sky. Surviving the devastation of DarkFall, Timorn is now rightful King of Faerie. With evil lurking at the fringes between the kingdoms of the humans and the elves, the dark mage … Read more

RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Deviant Desire, by Jackson Marsh

Deviant Desire review - Jackson Marsh

Title: Deviant DesireSeries: The Clearwater Mysteries Book OneAuthor: Jackson MarshGenre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Historical (London 1888)LGBTQ+ Category: MM pairing (rich/poor, older/younger by 10 years)Publisher: James CollinsWord Count: 100KReviewer: Maryann Get it On Amazon About the Book The Victorian East End lives in fear of the Ripper and his mission to kill rent boys. Silas Hawkins, nineteen … Read more

REVIEW: Fresh Kill, by Adam Carpenter

Fresh Kill - Adam Carpenter - Jimmy McSwain Files

Title: Fresh KillSeries: The Jimmy McSwain Files, Book 6Author: Adam CarpenterGenre: MysteryLGBTQ+ Category: MM/GayPublisher: MLR PressReviewer: Maryann Get it On Amazon About the Book Jimmy McSwain returns, but the question lingers, now that he has finally solved the fifteen-year-old murder of his NYPD cop-father, Joseph, who has he become? Busy concentrating on family issues, Jimmy hasn’t … Read more

REVIEW: When It Rains, by Elle Keaton

When it Rains - Elle Keaton - Accidental Roots

Title: When It RainsSeries: The Accidental Roots, Book 8Author: Elle KeatonGenre: ContemporaryLGBTQ+ Category: MM/GayPublisher: SelfPages/Word Count: 255 PagesReviewer: Maryann Get it On Amazon About the Book Beto Hernandez’s objective: Break the human trafficking ring plaguing Skagit once and for all. He’s not in Skagit to make friends—he’s kicking ass first and taking names later. Maybe. He … Read more