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I’ve been writing all my life and have been published since 2012, but I know I’m still a relative unknown out there, even with over 50 currently published books to my name–err, names. I thought it would be a fun way of ‘introducing myself’ to do some flash fiction. They will run the gamut genre wise.  Some will be serious, some will be filled to overflowing with humor – as I said last week, I’ve got four pseudonyms and each one writes something a bit different.

In the future, I hope you’ll help me choose a subject to write a flash fiction about, but for this first one I have a Sci-Fi flash fiction for you. The aliens in this ‘world’ came for one reason and they’re going to get it…no matter what Earth is prepared to do in retaliation. This flash fic was written so I could get more of a look into Forgon’s mind.


Earth lost. It was a foregone conclusion of course, but Earthens were a tiresome lot who, even when they had no chance, still tried to fight. If it weren’t the fact their stupidity had made the war last two months longer than it should have, Forgon would have been impressed with them. As it was, he was pissed. And not so much with the aliens in the polluted planet he could see through his window. No, he was angry at his own reconnaissance. They had done a piss-poor job and it would cost them.

Every Tranken aboard ship had come to find his mate. He would make sure that the thirty individuals who had been watching Earth for a decade were last in line to find theirs. Bastards.

The doors behind him swished open, his second in command stepping inside. “Ninety percent of the planet is under control, Forgon. The last ten percent is in the middle of a country we have shut off communications with. They can continue to fight and kill one another. By the time we need to check them out, most of them will be out of the way.”

Turning slowly, he looked at Tellet. Several millenias his junior, the man had risen through the ranks quickly and while the logical side of his brain could see why, at times like this he wanted to blast the idiot out into space. “We’re here for our mates,” he said slowly, each word like a bullet in the small room. “Our mates. If we let them kill one another, there’s a chance that one of the dead could be your mate. Are you willing to sacrifice him for the sake of letting a few idiots fight?”

A dull purple flush settled over Tellet’s soft blue skin, making his yellow hair appear orange. “I apologize, Forgon. You are correct. I will have a battalion end their squabbles.”

“Good. Make sure all armaments are dead tonight. For tomorrow, we start testing.”

Tellet stood tall, boots together, his hands held firmly at his sides, while his tail hung straight down between his legs. “As you command.” After lowering his head, he stepped backward, the doors swooshing open to allow him through and closing moments later.

“Someone’s going to cut his tail off if he doesn’t start thinking,” he murmured to himself, turning back to look down on Earth.

Coming to another dimension to find their mates wasn’t new, but it was always fraught with complications. As an eternal species, finding that one other being to share their existence with was imperative. Unfortunately, less than one percent found their bonded mate. Usually, they gave up and found someone they could be biologically united with for the life of the individual, anywhere from ten years to ten millennia, depending on the species. However, anytime one of them chose that course, it took them to the bottom rung on the list to be mated.

Forgon had been alive more than a hundred millennia. It had been so long he stopped counting ages ago. For the last thousand years, he had commanded the vessels to find the mated. It was a daunting task. For every Tranken who went knew they had less than a one percent of a one percent chance of finding their eternal companion. Even though they knew that, every individual hoped that this would be the time. As such, the trip back would be filled with a ship filled with depressed men who would be jealous of anyone who was lucky enough to find theirs. It was one of the reasons he had instituted a mandatory secure area that only those who found their mates could enter and there they would stay throughout the return journey.

The squawk of the com system let him know there was about to be a ship-wide announcement. Of course, he knew what it would say, but he allowed himself to feel what the other men felt when it came.

“Tranken, tomorrow the process will begin. Proceed to create your Bio cards so they may be inserted into the system. Once we begin to receive Bio transmissions from earth, they will be compared to all the information on file. Any near chances will be tagged and if near enough, you will be taken to Earth to meet your possible mate. Again…” The message played four times and Forgon trembled as the feeling of hope rushed through the ship along with nerves.

There would be no working tonight. Every Tranken on board would be too busy hoping, wishing to meet their mate. And Forgon, even after he thought he’d come to terms with never finding his, was one of them. All he needed was to find that one humanoid amongst the stars and his forever would change.

Looking back down at Earth, he sighed. An Earthen would not find the change from mortal to immortal easy, but if he found his mate, they would not get a choice. Just as it was with all of his species, once the mating began, nothing would stop it and three days after it began, his mate would be fully on his/her way to being perfected. Sighing again, he placed his palm against the window and sent up a little prayer that he would find his companion. Forever was too long to be alone.


I’d love to hear what you think. And if you have an idea for a flash fiction, write it in the comments below. Not a fully fleshed out idea, but give me 1-5 words, a word or phrase you’d like seen in a flash fic. I’ll keep note of any ideas you have and will post the flash fics that hit me from time to time. This should be fun 😀

Until next time… where’d I put my pen?

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She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.

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  1. Aww! That was a great flash fic!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn it into a novella, at least?!
    As always, YOU ROCK!!! &
    THANK YOU for continuing to write.

    • Ahh, Thanks, Starlight 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my works.

      This is one of those storylines that tags at the back of my mind from time to time. There are three chapters that are mapped out. I would not be surprised if it morphs into longer form at some point.

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