Bubbling to the Surface


Hey all…

There’s a lot going on under the hood these days at QRI, and it’s starting to bubble to the surface. 🙂


To start, we’ve signed up a number of review sites, so you’ll be seeing more and more reviews here on the blog for the books you love.


We’re also starting to launch more events on our Facebook Group:


In addition to our promo day, Flirtatious Fiction Friday, we’ve added Lazy Reading Sunday, a weekly event where we’ll disucss a particular genre or subset of Queer Romance. And We’re also launching Author Takeover Saturdays and Release Days, where our authors will take turns hanging out on the group and connecting with y’all (and maybe even giving away some free eBooks).


On the site itself, our developer will soon have a working prototype of search and page filtering for us. We’re excited to have this new feature coming online soon.

We had almost 8,000 visitors to the site in March, and it looks like we’ll top 13K in April.


Oh, and we’re sponsoring GRL and Yaoi Con this year, with others soon to follow, to get the word out. And we continue to work with Facebook ads to raise site awareness.

We’re thrilled with how the site is going, and can’t wait to see where it all leads.


–Scott & Mark

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