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SITE UPDATE: Next Up… Filtering

Filtering - Pixabay

Hey all,

Time for the weekly check-in. 🙂

The site continues to grow – we just hit 270 authors, and are shooting toward 1,200 books in the directory.

We’re also working on our ad campaign – we’ve started running regular Facebook ads, and are reaching out to various cons in the US and abroad to secure sponsorships and ads to get the word out. And site traffic will reach a new high this month, close to 7,700 unique visitors.

We’re partnering with a number of review blogs to bring you great blog content, too.

Filtering is the next big feature we’re looking to add on the site. It’s a bit complex, so it may take us a few weeks to implement it, but then you’ll be able to filter searches and book grids to zero in on the title you want using the criteria you want.

We’ll also be launching some conversation topics on the Facebook group shortly.

We’re always open to suggestions on how to make the site even better – and we have a long list in the queue of planned improvements.

Hope you enjoy the site!

–Scott & Mark

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